Lakeside Addition 1 – Tree Removal

Bobcat digging addition foundation

The day finally arrived for work on the addition to begin. The biggest events of the day were the removal of two trees by Tim Nabors of Superior Tree Service. This man’s skills are awe inspiring.

Lakeside Addition – Preliminaries

Bobcat digging addition foundation

Before we started on the addition, we expanded the kitchen by taking out a wall and building in-wall pantry storage shelves.

Lakeside Addition – The Plan

Bobcat digging addition foundation

The Lake Becky house needs a number of improvements. Rather than piecemeal them together, we decided to hire a contractor to make them and build an addition with a large studio, and master suite.

Road Trip September-October 2020 Day 2 – Friday September 25, 2020

Sue with doggies beside van with RV in tow

First thing this morning, we visited the Shiloh Civil War Battlefield, then made our way to the Mississippi north of Memphis and crossed over into the toe of Missouri. In the afternoon, we made our way up from the Mississippi valley into the Ozark Mountains.

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