Travel Trailer Shakedown Cruise

Starcraft Satellite 16KS Travel Trailer
Starcraft Satellite 16KS Travel Trailer

We spent the last two days at Calhoun Falls State Park on our maiden trip with our new travel trailer. Most things went well, and we also learned a couple of good lessons as RV camping novices.

Brian's First Keeper
Brian’s First Keeper

I also caught my first keeper fish – a fair sized bass which we will have for supper tonight. That was a learning experience as well. A fisherman has to be patient. I had already made 3 or 4 casts on our first morning at the park before this beauty took my hook. It was an arduous journey, too – almost 100 ft. from the camper door to the bank of the lake. We all have to suffer for our art.

2 thoughts on “Travel Trailer Shakedown Cruise”

  1. You are always good for a fish story! Thank you for sharing Brian! Hope you’re not too fatiqued!


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