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There’s still a lot of tweaking to be done, but I finally got off my rear and set up our new website. This new website gives me the framework I’ve wanted for a while to share the stuff that’s happening in our lives, without the need to send out e-mail to everybody, or put long, boring posts onto Facebook. The intention is to post things onto this site in the appropriate category, and then share the fact that they’re available on Facebook or other media, where our friends and family can choose to click on them or not. We’re busier than one-armed paper hangers around here, but in spare minutes, I have migrated all posts and comments from my previous two blogs…


Interestingly, I find that there was only one Briant from that didn’t make the trip, due to its untimeliness. The thoughts expressed in all the other Briant posts still represent my current beliefs and opinions, so they made it onto the new BriRant section of this blog.

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