Hope for Grace (and us)

After an appropriate mourning period for our sweet friend, Peanut, we have adopted a sister for Grace from the Aiken County animal shelter. Hope loves to play, and has really restored Grace’s spirits (and ours). The Friends of the Animal Shelter estimate that Hope is about two, but we think she’s much younger. She has nursed and weaned pups, so she has to be at least a year old, but we don’t think she’s much older than that. She came to us a little under weight, with a little cough, not “reliable” in the house, and pretty seriously head shy. I’m happy to say she’s making great progress on all fronts.

We’re not completely out of the woods. I’m afraid I got a little (okay a lot) down this afternoon when we drove past the area where we took the dogs for Peanut’s last Whiskey Oscar. It’s going to take time, but Hope is definitely a tonic for our spirits.

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