She’s a Lumberjack and She’s Okay

Sue dropped these beauties and two others the other day while I was out shopping. I wanted to hire it done because I was afraid of hitting the power line just to the left of this frame. She tested her theory on the two that were away from the power line, fence, and desired trees, then dropped these two.

I thought the chicks were supposed to do the shopping, and the guys were supposed to do the butch stuff like lumberjacking. Guess I’ll go back to putting on women’s clothing and hanging ’round in bars.

Sue with her felled trees.


2 thoughts on “She’s a Lumberjack and She’s Okay”

  1. Sue is AMAAAAAAAZING! A superhero of sorts! Brian you are…Lots of things, one being, a curmudgeonly clever story teller! (please don’t don the ladies clothes)


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