Lakeside Addition 6 – Pour Prep

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April 15, 2021

More happened today than the photos adequately depict. The floor of the basement was leveled, and the area inside the front patio retaining wall was filled with gravel. The basement floor was then covered with plastic sheet. I assumed the idea of the plastic sheet was to retain the water in the concrete basement slab as it cured by preventing it from leaching out into the soil below. However no such treatment was given to the gravel under the patio slab. After the crew spread out the plastic sheet, they tacked it down with nails and left for the day. Of course as soon as they left, the wind came up and pulled the sheet up, so Sue and I spread it out again and threw down pieces of scrap lumber to hold it down. We’re assuming that the crew removed those scraps before commencing the pour. We were not present for the pouring of the concrete due to previous commitments in Greenville.

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