Hive Inspection – 20180402


Did a quick inspection of Hive 3 because we had a bunch of dead bees surrounding some old frames we had put out for scavenging. Hive 3 seems to be doing much better with no dead bees on the screen, and only a couple on the pad under the hive over the last few days since the last inspection. The dead bees around the old frames were apparently all casualties of war rather than poisoned by something on those frames.



Hive 1

Refurbished Hive 2 Box now in Hive 1 position. Old Hive 1 box is now housing colony 3.


  • Three capped queen cells on the ten frames removed from the 10-deep split taken from Joshua.
  • Split is 8 days old, so queen cells have been capped within the last day.
  • Unable to inspect transplanted frames or get a good count of stores due to darkness.


  • 12 total. Exact counts of type not done because we installed them in the dark.


  • Placed 10 deep frames in Hive 1 from split taken from Joshua’s hive on Burkelo Rd. a few miles away.
  • Added 2 additional frames of drawn comb taken from freezer.

Hive 2

Completed refurbishment. Moved refurbished hive into Hive 1 position. Moved refurbished Hive 3 box into Hive 2 position.


  • None


  • None


  • Awaiting bees.

Hive 3

This is our only active hive. They are building up slowly.


  • Good stores of honey, pollen, and uncapped nectar.
  • No burr comb to speak of.
  • One drone cells.
  • No queen cups or cells.
  • Eggs seen.
  • Uncapped brood seen.
  • Capped brood seen.
  • Queen seen.
  • No phoretic mites seen.
  • No DWV seen.
  • No SHB adults or larvae seen.
  • No sign of wax moth damage or larvae.
  • No dead bees on the bottom screen, but one lethargic bee. Picked her up and put her back onto a frame.


  • 1 Brood.
  • 5 Honey.
  • 1 Empty.
  • 1 Empty with drawn comb (old honey frame).


  • Added another empty frame of drawn comb right next to the single brood frame. Hoping to encourage laying in that fresh comb.
  • Moved empty frame from end furthest from the entrance to the end nearest the entrance.

Plan of Action

  • Continue to monitor Hive 3.
  • Seek swarms or splits to replace Hive 2 colony.
  • Monitor Hive 1 for emergence of new queen.
  • Consider splitting Hive 1 again.
  • Evaluate available stores in Hive 1 and consider feeding them.

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