Happy Beeday to Us!

Horizontal hive open and empty awaiting placement and installation of beesWe picked up two nuclear colonies from Allen Johnson over at Johnson’s Bees and Supplies outside Williston, SC this afternoon. When we got home, we left one of them in one of our deep boxes that Allen transferred them into for us. We moved the other into this horizontal hive we built in accordance with Dr. Leo’s instructions at http://horizontalhive.com.

We got a little too close unsuited while Allen was loading them up. So far, I’m winning. The score is Brian – 4 stings (nose, neck, ear, and knuckle), Sue – 2 stings (neck and arm). Or is this game scored like golf?

Just before sunset, I saw one of the ladies hitting on one of the pretty flowers Sue painted on the sides of their new homes. Hopefully they’ll start getting around and discover the real flowers Sue has been planting for them tomorrow morning.

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